Products associated with a deal

I am trying to have a more granulated analysis when it comes to deals that area expected to close within this quarter. This analysis includes zooming into the products each user is selling within a specific pipeline. The deals created have a lot of information including the “Product count” and “value” of the deal but I am having trouble identifying the specific product associated with each deal from the API GET requests endpoint. I am not getting the product’s id or name within each deal.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Hey @Joaquin,

Have you already tried this endpoint GET/deals/{id}/products

Yes! I found that endpoint, the thing is there is a lot of deals and I am trying to look for a way that I dont have to dig into each specific deal to see the attached products. Maybe having some identifier within “Deals within a pipeline” that links the product with each deal.

I managed to develop a python script to give me the products associated with the deals that have product number >0 using the “pipedrive-python-lib” documentation.

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