PUT not working when updating a Lead

I’m trying to update a lead. It works when I use the API Reference tool provided by Pipedrive, but my code returns an “HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found” error every time. When I change from a PUT to a GET, I get a 200 response, but it doesn’t update the data, I just return the existing data. I tried changing the PUT to a PATCH, but that returns a 400 Bad Request error.


The PATCH request should be used to update a lead. There is a little label in the documentation specifying it.

Does the PATCH request return any specific error message?

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I get a 404 using a PATCH as well.

The documentation I was looking at said to use a PUT but it now has been updated to indicate a PATCH is correct. However, I still get a 404 when using a PATCH.

Can you please post all details of the request you are making? Including the full URL. I can then try to replicate it on my end and see what is wrong.

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