Queries around API authentication (current baseUrl, tokens)

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty sure that I know the answer here, but I’m just wanting to double confirm it with folks here. I’ve done a bit of a search, and not able to find an answer that resolves my query.

According to the Pipedrive Readme.io documentation:

  • Each request must be made to the API endpoint https://companydomain.pipedrive.com/api/v1 , followed by the type of object in a plural form, for example https://companydomain.pipedrive.com/api/v1/deals

When I attempt this via Postman, I am given a result that nothing can be found. However, using the Postman examples from the API documentation, the baseUrl is set to api.pipedrive.com.

Am I able to obtain confirmation that requests should be made to the baseUrl in the Readme.io? or is it now api.pipedrive.com?

Additional query:
Am I correct that Personal API Tokens and OAuth are the only authentication methods offered?

Many thanks for your assistance in advance.

Hey @MRW
Can you explain this part? And let me know which endpoints are being accessed

Both forms work however I’d prefer the company subdomain URL.

This is correct :slight_smile:

Hey @Hem,

You can ignore this one. I’m an idiot lol.

Thanks for confirming this. Appreciate it. :slight_smile: