Query by list of selectedIds


we added an App Action in the Organization list view and we get the following params as expected:


we would like to get the list of organizations from the api using the selectedIds (or excludedIds, depending on the case). I don’t see any option in GET /organizations to send a list of ids, do we need to query one by one using GET /organizations/{id}? That won’t be very efficient and I’m afraid we will hit some limit. Or do we need to get all organizations (with any extra filter if available), go trough all pages until we found all the ids?.

Is there any way to query with just list of ids (selected and excluded)?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Claudia,

I’m speaking with our developers and it seems like there’s a pseudo way to do this. I’ll try to get you a fuller update on Monday.

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If you have filterable Organization data in PD already to know which should be selected/nonselected organizations - you could create a new Organization custom field and use that in your request instead of specifying IDs?

From one of our lead engineers as well:

“It is possible to compose OR filter, with multiple different ids, just list cannot be very long otherwise GET params limit kicks in - if the list is longer (more than 20 id’s) we can add ids params support like as it is for Deals”

Hi Paulieweb,

the problem is that we cannot prevent the user to make a custom selection by marking/unmarking certain items in the list, and we would still need to update all the organization with the new fields. Anyway, the PO decided to move in a different direction so we will not lead with the selected ids. Thanks for your response!

Thanks David, so you suggest creating a filter with OR conditions to add all the ids? That could be an option indeed, thanks!

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: