Query customers by creation date

Since Pipedrive apparently cannot create recurring activities (e.g. - a customer’s birthday reminder), I am looking to push new Pipedrive contact data into Outlook to create these recurring events on the salesperson’s calendar.

So we have created some custom Pipedrive fields for birthday, spouse’s birthday, and anniversary date. These are the fields that I will use to populate things in Outlook. That’s all well and good.

Now how can I issue an API request to Pipedrive to pull all customers that were created in the past day’s time? I do see an add_time field in the response set that I assume is the record’s creation timestamp. I figure it’s more efficient to just pull a delta list to narrow things down. Since I foresee this as a daily automated script.

Any suggestions?

Hey Greg,

I would recommend creating a filter (either through UI or via API) that matches these conditions:

Then use that filter_id with GET/persons

Thanks for the reply! I just realized that’s the mechanism for working with these. It’s been 1+ years since I last added to my API project so was rusty. :grinning:

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