Question about Segment - Pipedrive integration


I’m sorry if this is the wrong topic, please advise if I need to move.

I’m trying to set up Segment to Pipedrive integration to be able to send additional information about Pernos/Organization/Deal from internal DWH to Pipedrive (for example GMV values).
From Segment side, I prepared everything that was requested (destination and mapping) but when I tried to generate Test Event from Segment UI I got a request that was created not as I expected. Segment support is arguing that Integration code used by Segment is handled by Pipedrive and mapping from Test Events builder towards real API requests is part of Integration code.
Can someone please confirm that because I’m stuck with a fack that Segment is generating incorrect API calls and be honest I’m not sure from which part it should be fixed

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Can you share the details of the error? Screenshots / logs anything would be helpful :slight_smile: