Question on downloading call logs and associated recording

We would like to be notified via webhook when a call with a recording is available for users.

Is there a way to get notified via Webhook when a call recording is available for users?
Saw that the call log rest api and see if we can get the recording but like to know if there is a webhook
Pipedrive API v1 Reference → may get the recently updated calls but still that is a query

I guess, the call-recordings will be stored in the user-record or at least will be related to the user.
Have you tested if you see a webhook for user.updated when a call-recording was added?
If so, you could the grab the recording via api request.

yes. we are working on this but would like to know if we can get a recording url even if we use google meet to record the call? Can you please point to the documentation on this? When we have pipedrive and google meet integrated and we record on google meet, it is possible to get the recording from pipedrive url via webhook?
Would the structure of this return object be different when there is a different phone solution integrated like aircall?