Question on visibility for a Person

I have a question about visibility from the API.

How would I make sure that visibility for a Person is restricted to a specific team?

We’re trying to support a pipeline based on a visibility for a team where the Person contact in question would only be visible to that team throughout the pipeline.

From what I’ve seen in the knowledge base and API documentation, there is a concept of Visibility Groups but they don’t appear to be available in the API documentation. Similarly, it’s not clear if I can assign a Person to a Pipeline immediately.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Camilo_Payan,

You are correct, Visibility Groups aren’t available in our API (maybe in the future).

As for limiting a Person to a Pipeline, that isn’t quite how Pipelines work - these are for Deals, so you can limit a Deal to a Pipeline.

You can of course use Visibility Groups to help control which Users see what:

So the use case here is that we’d like to automatically insert contact information from our marketing sites’ forms, and have that visibility set based on which site the form is being filled on.

There’s no way to automatically set visibility? Visibility Groups needs to be all done manually?

Unfortunately there’s not really any way to control it in this way, as the visibility groups are more about the Users within them. So if the deal/person/etc is assigned to a User, the visibility group that it is in will be determined by the group the User is in.

Does that mean that if I have, let’s say some users and visibility groups

Users A, B, C, D

Viz Groups: Group1 with A and B, Group 2 with C and D

and then I assign a new Person to User A (via the follower functionality), then it will be visible to Group1 but not Group2?

That is correct, although you need to bear in mind the type of User as well. If they’re an Admin on the account, for example, all items will still be available to them.