Quoting and Job workflow integration

Hello, we are looking to see if we can build a complex quoting tool and job management system that can sit between pipedrive and xero.
I have put together a full wish list and future plan, however in brief we need…
Quotes presentation

  • Product pictures
  • Unit prices
  • Product names and description
  • Ability to have a very large product database of over 10000 items
  • Decoration description

Quotes Calculation

  • Margin based on total cost
  • Freight calcs customisable by supplier
  • Product and decoration groups link
  • Able to multiply decoration options. Ie. Qty 2 x 1 colour print
  • Able to add multiple decoration options to product. Ie full colour front, one colour back print

Job workflow

  • job management pipeline once the enquiry is won
  • data can move from quote to sales order confirmation
  • proof approval process
  • PO’s and invoicing links to xero

certainly interested if anyone can point us to someone who can help. or suggest software that is worth looking at.
Thank you


I hope you’re keeping great!

I would be happy to work with you. Please give me a suitable time to discuss your requirement

Also, add me over Skype id-cis.am4 or Email- Hayden@cisinlabs.com,Hayden1@talentsfromindia.com

I look forward to your response!


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Hi Alvin,
If you are still looking out for some help, I would be interested as what you are needing done is well within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
Best Wishes,


I’m a QuoteWerks Top 10 partner, and have developed an integration between QuoteWerks and Pipedrive, and I use Xero, so basically all you need is already developed, you will just need customisation and training.

My website is www.goldrushtechnology.com.au

I’m in the process of updating it, so if you need more info contact me.

The good news is I can get you up and going in weeks, not months!

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Hello John

Thank you for your email

I have looked at quotewerks and decided it wasn’t for us

Thank you

Alvin Lawry

Just curious as to why QuoteWerks wasn’t a fit?