Random 500 errors

Hi, we are getting a lot of random 500 errors and the frequency is increasing. We have considered rate limiting as the culprit but this doesn’t seem likely. We do not see 429 errors.



Same thing to us!
And we cant get any assist from support.

Can you both please message me any details you have regarding these errors (when they occurred, when frequency increased, etc)?

Sent you PM, David .

@David sent you a PM as well, I am also getting this

We received like 100s of 500 errors while logging activities on Pipedrive. We even received some random responses like a complete HTML page in response at times. Where shall we report this?
This is concerning us now and breaks the trust that we have gained from our mutual customers.
Please assist.

Hi, Same thing for us. And I have shared the screenshots with @David. Thanks in advance!

Sorry guys, David is off, Unfortunately I could not get a hold of him to get your private messages before he left in order to follow up, can you please DM them to me? @chandrasen-rajashekar @Egor @JustCall_Tech @Kurt_Jones

We’ve also received a large number of 500 errors. I’m not a developer, so I don’t have a lot to contribute, but I’m posting so that I’m notified when there is an update.

Has anyone heard back from Daniel on this? I messaged him and David a few days ago because we are still receiving this and no word as of yet.

I’ve heard nothing back, however my developer says the problem went away a few days ago.

There’s a few different things that we believe are causing this so it’s difficult to say what may be the cause as each case is treated differently.

I will update here if any news comes through.