Random 500 when pushing Person details


We are seeing, what looks like, random 500 responses while pushing updated person details to PipeDrive. Do you have any indication on your end what we might be doing wrong?

I know we sometimes attempt to update a deleted person, due to the fact we haven’t caught up with de-duplication. But we are also seeing a 500 on a first call and 200 on the next call with the same details.

Many thanks for any help.

I’m also seeing weird things happening today.

Right now I have an API lookup on a user that returns 404 on https://api.pipedrive.com/v1/users/[user_id]?api_token=

If I go to https://myurl.pipedrive.com/settings/users/edit/[user_id] it show the user (although load seems slow).

Anything up with the system today?

I’m getting more reports of deals created through the API doesn’t get a Person created automatically.
I don’t have any other information than that.

Also, not sure what “Incident in progress” at https://status.pipedrive.com/ means, but would love to get a bit more info.

Hey Troels,

We were struggling with some performance issues affecting one of our servers which I believe may have been more the source of the problem - should be ok now.

OK, thanks :slight_smile:

The system still seems very slow in general, using the site. Multiple people here are still reporting this.

The server issue on the status page is marked as resolved, so I guess it will get better?