Recent Pipedrive API regression: unable to create webhook without "user_id"

Hello, our product Mixmax ( integrates with the Pipedrive API. Our users reported a recent regression with Pipedrive that we believe is actually a regression in the Pipedrive HTTP API. We’re no longer able to create Pipedrive webhooks using the endpoint!/Webhooks/get_webhooks without providing the optional user_id field. The documentation states that the user_id is optional, but when omitted, the HTTP response returns the error message “Failed to get user or company”. We believe the API only recently started requiring the user_id parameter.

This can be easily reproduced using the developer documentation tool. Screenshot:

Hi Brad,

We’re taking a look. It may have to do with a recent update

Alright, the issue should be resolved.

Please let me know if you still encounter it.

Confirmed that it’s fixed. Thanks!

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