/recents endpoint only returns data from the last month

Starting on 2024-05-07 we detected a change in the behavior of the /recents endpoint.
Now, even if I request for historical data, it only returns the item types updated at most a month ago.
I’ve tested with different item types, such as deal, activity, pipeline, and for all of them, it happens the same.

I want to retrieve all the deals updated starting 2020
Request: https://myorg.pipedrive.com/api/v1/recents?items=deal&limit=500&since_timestamp=2020-01-01+00%3A58%3A58&start=0&api_token=my_token

The first deal that it returns is from 2024-04-23, exactly a month ago, when I have many deals with last updated time before that date

Is this a new expected behavior, I haven’t found any notice in the changelog?

We have been relying on this endpoint for many years and this is currently highly affecting our ELT process

While we are indeed aim to introduce a limit to the timeframe of data returned by /recents endpoint, it was not supposed to be applied without proper communication. Fix is rolled out and endpoint behavior should get back to the state shortly. I apologize for inconvenience

As I mentioned, we will be announcing changes win /recents API endpoint to limit the allowed timeframe of changes to improve performance. I would suggest you to reconsider your ELT flow so receiving maximum of 1 months of changes would fit your needs. Let me know if you’d need any assistance in this.

Thank you for your support.

From my side, Today I adapted our code to extract these items (deals, activities, etc.) incrementally so having the last month of changes should be more than enough for us now.