Recommended Integration scenario?

Hello all,

I am trying to integrate Pipedrive with an external application. I have two approaches.

  1. Authorize all users but only keep and use one admin’s access token to do the integration tasks.

  2. Authorize all users, keep their individual tokens and continue with the integration using individual tokens.

What would be the best practice and recommended approach by a Pipedrive expert?

I would be grateful for your help.

Hi @Asela_Dasanayaka

Option 2 will work better, as each user has its own installation, access token, rights, etc. Option 1 limits your app users only to admins, as you would not be able to authorize all users.

Hi @mykhailo

Thank you very much for your reply.

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Hi @mykhailo i need help. We already integrated pipedrive here you can see the more info Pipedrive Integration | by 500apps

We want to list our our App here Pipedrive Marketplace - Third Party Apps & Integrations please help me out how to do it or els please help me get right place to contact.

Thanks & Regards


To list an app on Marketplace please check App approval process.

Also, I noticed your Pipedrive integration uses blue color for the logo, which is not how the Pipedrive logo looks. You can find Pipedrive’s colors/logos here

Hope it helps.