Relative time for filters

Could you please add more relative time? There is a huge gap between “after tomorrow” and “in a week”.

Filters are great and lets me trigger some zips and are eaisly to modyfie but I cant filters all people with a date of birth in 4 days.

Other business use: filter all deals (insert criteria) with in next 5 days.

You cant do that with current relative times.

Please add:
-in 3days
-in 4days
-in 5days
-in 6days

Or maybe it would be better to be able to seperate this into two inputs:

not ealier than - (first input - number) (second input - drop down menu with: days, weeks, months,)

not ealier than in 3 days

I imagine that after a week, precision to exact day is not that important, but within a first week it is.

YES Very Important!
I have been trying to filter by date => 20/2018
Because it’s not obvious from a devs point of view that only relative times are allowed.
ALSO - now I know that - Is there a list of the times available somewhere?

I don’t have any list of the times available, but if you bring up a filter (like in the screenshot) it will show all the pre-set available ones.

However I’m not using the Pipedrive front end, purely through the API, and working from the available documentation.
So it is more difficult than should be.
The fact that filter JSON entered here /Filters/put_filters_id is different to the JSON required to Create/Update a filter through the API is confusing.
Anyway, It’s documented now, hopefully helping the next person.