Release Internal Marketplace App

We’ve been developing a marketplace app for use exclusively on our main Pipedrive instance. On the button for starting review it says we don’t need to go through this process for purely internal applications. So how do we go about getting this application from our sandbox to the main Pipedrive instance?

Hi Ben,

If the plan is to only use the app on just 1 account, then please contact us at and we can enable Marketplace Manager for that account, but if you ever intend to use it amongst more than 1 account, it’s best to build it within the Sandbox account.

Hi David

We have exactly the same need. Our app has been developed in our sandbox account, and it will only be used internally within our office. We are not planning on releasing to the wider marketplace.

As you said to Ben above, contact your dev email address - what details do you require? Account number etc?


Hi @bradzo,

If the app has already been developed on the sandbox (but will only be for internal use), just go ahead and submit the app for reviewal and in the popup note box, explain that it is for internal use and won’t be public in the Marketplace.

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