Release my app for beta testing

I have developed an app and want to release for beta testing to my customer. Is there anyway to do that until I get my app approved by Pipedrive. Currently my app is in draft version. One possible way is to I could configure the application in the customer’s account where I have to expose my application id and my schema.json files to the customer which I don’t want to. Is there any other way to make an app in draft version to be applicable for other accounts?

Hi @Erlil_Kanangasabai

Thanks for detailing the challenge. I assume you would have already checked the unlisted app category. It is one approach to allow app installations for selective customers.

I am also curious to know if you have tried running it as a private app in the sandbox account? It offers a good level of isolation before the app is run productively.

Hi Hem,
Thank you for the detailed response. I was not aware of unlisted app and it is what I was looking for. But it looks like even to have my app in unlisted apps, it should go through “App approval process”. I think I have to wait till the approval process completed. I do have a sandbox account, but as I understood it can be used only by internal people, not by a third party customer.

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Hey @Erlil_Kanangasabai,
The sandbox can be requested if you are building a new integration for a company too.

The Developer Sandbox account should be used for either

a) performing testing in a risk-free environment (requires an existing paid Pipedrive account),
b) building and developing integration with Pipedrive and then for basic maintenance of your app afterward (this option gives you access to the Marketplace Manager).

It is safe to replicate data in a sandbox environment and test it. Let me know if you are facing challenges in obtaining the sandbox. I can help with that :slight_smile: