Removal of the Subscriptions API

Effective from: April 12, 2021

We have now deprecated and will soon be removing the following 9 Subscriptions API endpoints:

  • GET /subscriptions/{id}
  • GET /subscriptions/find/{dealId}
  • GET /subscriptions/{id}/payments
  • POST /subscriptions/recurring
  • POST /subscriptions/installment
  • PUT /subscriptions/recurring/{id}
  • PUT /subscriptions/installment/{id}
  • PUT /subscriptions/recurring/{id}/cancel}
  • DELETE /subscriptions/{id}

This change happens as the Recurring Revenue and Payment Schedule features will be substituted with a new renewal deals functionality and therefore the previously mentioned features will no longer be available as a standalone functionality.

See the full Changelog post here.

Hello @Elina,

we use the Subscriptions API heavily and your announcement worries us. How can we substitute the tracking of upcoming payment dates? More information would be highly appreciated!


Hi Philipp,

We will have an update to the deal - “Renewal” type, that you could use to track upcoming payment in case you work with recurring businesses.

We aim to have it available at the beginning of Q2 and more information is to follow in our API docs and Pipedrive product blog.