Reopen timestamp through API


Pipedrive only gives first add time in pipeline. What if deal gets reopened after Lost stage. How do I get timestamp of re-opening a particular deal?

Hi Osman,

While there’s only the 1 Deal Created timestamp, you can still monitor a deal by Status changes (Lost to Open).

Hey David,

I’m using Python API script to calculate win time manually for each deal. If the deal re-opens then I don’t get the true winning time.

Hi Osman,

If you’re using GET/deals/{id} there is a part of the Body that contains "first_won_time"

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Thanks! What’s exactly the difference b/w “first_won_time” and “won_time”?

"won_time" - If a deal’s current status is ‘won’, then it will show this time here (same as “first_won_time” if it hasn’t been reopened)

“first_won_time” - This shows the date/time a Deal is first changed to won, if reopened, this will still keep the original won time (will be the same as "won_time" if not reopened)

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