Report on "Products" contained in Deals

I want to export the Pipedrive deals but include the “products” info contained in each deal, to include “Product name”, “product code”, “Quantity” as these information are critical for planning inventory ahead,.see attach screen show.

Unfortunately there’s no option in-app to export Deals like this, but you can use the endpoint!/Products/get_products_id_deals with Product ID to get the results of Deals with the product attached.

Thanks, I will develop an APP to make this possible in the next few weeks. Are there anybody who are happy to test the APP?

If you’re looking for testers, I would post it in or also in the Pipedrive User Group on FB

@David is there an ETA for adding products to the reports? It’s crucial information in exported reports and should be built-into pipedrive’s filters (not using any 3rd party app).

As per my conversation with Pipedrive’s support, they have no development plan for this feature. My programmer is working on this and hopefully we will have a working script middle next week.

@Paul_Zhu Really keen to get this tested. Creating a Power BI Dashboard atm with webrequests. Please let me know!

We have developed a Wordpress plugin, it works fine. We are not developing further due to lack of request. You can download from here:

Please remember to replace the API access details with yours before you install codes on Wordpress.

@Paul_Zhu Looks like the link is no longer there. Is it still availabe?

We made further update for our own use so the original version is no longer relevant now. If you want it, I can send you the details of the Freelancer who made this for us, his cost is one-time fixed cost and quite reasonable.