Requesting all deals in a pipeline does not report all deals in the pipeline

I’m using the ‘…/pipelines/x/deals’ routine and I’m getting a lot of deals but it turns out there are a few that are not being reported. I can see them in the Pipedrive UI and I can get it using the “details of a deal” and “find deal by name”. Both of those report the deal is in the pipeline I’m requesting, but when I request all the deals in the pipeline, I don’t get them.
The API Docs do not mention any reason why certain deals might not be included. I’m sending no options except the pipeline id and start=0. Does anyone have any idea why it would not report only some deals?

Hi @philheinz,

I’m guessing you’re probably hitting the max limit of 500 as the lists are paginated (

You can use methods to still find all of your deals though, just check out this tutorial.

Hi @David ,

I know this is old - but it is indeed a real problem. It seems that only ongoing deals are returned when using /pipelines/{id}/deals – unless a filter is specified. This is not a pagination issue: more_items_in_collection: false
Current workaround is to get all deals and then filter by pipeline id afterwards.


Hi @mKaloer,

So for you, you’re only returning Deals that are in Open status? Do you know how many results you’re getting in total and are you sure you’re not adding any filters to your GET?

I’m unable to replicate this on my end.

Yes, only Deals with Open status are returned.

Query endpoint is:<mytoken>

Is there any kind of default filters? Same behaviour in API console, cURL and Node.js client library.

Hey @mKaloer, sorry I missed that before, it’s default within our reference page, but you need to add deals?status=all_not_deleted&start to the request line and that should do the trick.

Sorry it doesn’t do the trick for me. I simply get all open deals with just like @mKaloer describes.

I’m trying to simply count the total of lost deals in a pipeline. Up to now, I’m only able to get the count of all lost deals in all pipelines.

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Hey @devpiper

From looking at your request, you should be using a filter ID (for lost Deals) rather than status=lost

For example, something like this:

Here 5 = the Pipeline and 3 = All Lost Deals filter.

Right, clear. This is a useful solution.

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