Required Fields

Here are some tips regarding required fields:

  • 60 seconds after receiving notification from webhook a request is made to the deal
  • It’s checked if the “required” fields are filled in
  • If not, the owner/manager is sent an email or Slack message that it’s not filled

I’ve done the same using Zapier, but ti be honest this is still counterproductive. To be honest I’m still waiting for the day we will be able to set fields as required. Lots of customers dropping Pipedrive because of this limitation.

It’s definitely a good point and something we’re internally discussing. Although we don’t have any set schedule yet for required fields yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up coming sooner rather than later.

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Any news on this? This should be prioritized.

We would really need option of setting fields as required. This is causing unnecessary challenges in our organisation. I did this with zapier as well, but as that is only a reminder not a requirement. It does not really solve the whole issue.

+1. I need the ability to mark fields as required before allowing a deal to be marked as won.