Reseller API Authentication

I’m trying to use the resellers API - seems that all the documentation is about the Pipedrive API so i have not been able to find answers.

I’m at a point where I have the reseller API Token and try to call endpoints in:

How can i get the Bearer token? I looked in to making a app, but it does not seem like the right way to go as seems that Reseller accounts are not able to install apps.

Hey @nurvel,
Welcome to the community :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, this is not a publicly documented endpoint and also it is not a part of the product’s direct offering. For now API token seems to be the only way. Are you trying to build an app with it? Please share the scenario / use-case

Hi @Hem - thank you for the response.

I already have the API token for the reseller API - now i’m able to make queries in swagger api-doc UI / site while i’m logged in also the reseller portal with the browser.

We are part of the reseller program (SaaShop / with almost 200 customers in our portal. We actually just won the 2021 Regional Partner of the year in EMEA region. I’m now making a reporting service for our sales, but we will be looking in to doing provisioning also trough the API.

Is there a way to get the documentation for using this API? Now all I have is the API Token and that swagger site.

Hi @nurvel
We are privileged to have you as part of our ecosystem :slight_smile: For now API token is the only way. However, I can help you in terms of its usage. I have DM’d you regarding the same.