Response: Disallowed Key Characters

Hello Developers

Im trying to create an organization from a java application but i get a Disallowed Key Characters error.
i am using gson to build my beans.
I have no problem with the getters so i know my auth works.

Is it possible to get a readout from your logs? cause i dont know what im doing wrong here.

13:02:17,173 INFO ApiIntegration - URL: POST Headers: {Accept=application/json}
13:02:17,181 DEBUG ApiIntegration - Body: {“name”:“Customername”,“visible_to”:“3”}

13:02:17,327 DEBUG ApiIntegration - Response: Disallowed Key Characters.

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Hi Rasmus,
I think the issue is that you’re sending a JSON string in the body - which is fine - but you’re not specifying that you’re sending the body as JSON.
You should look up how to do that for the specific library you’re using.


Correct Well spotted.

It worked after i added the content-type = json