Retrieving CallLogs recording via API

Hi folks,

We’re looking for a way to retrieve the recording associated to a CallLog object via the PipeDrive public API.

Using the CallLogs details API we’re able to learn that a CallLog has a recording(via "has_recording": true) but that’s it - we can’t get to the recording (or at least a URL to download from). Considering there is an API to attach an audio file to a CallLog I figured there would be a way to get the associated audio file to a CallLog but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The call logs in our case are associated with activities by the JustCall integration. When I inspect the browser requests from PipeDrive UI I see that the returned activity objects have an additional “call” member that contains the CallLog info - including a recording_url pointing to cloudfront.

"data": [
      "object": "activity",
      "call": {
         "recording_url": ...

This seems to be using some internal API though as the public counterpart does not return this info.

Is there any way to get to the CallLog recording URL via the public API?


Hi! Retrieving call recordings via the API is unfortunately not possible at the moment.
I have forwarded this feedback to the team owning the feature. They agree that it seems to be an oversight and will consider implementing it.

Hello, is there any update on that?