Sample JSON schema and API endpoint

Hi, Normally a mobile application developer and I could just use a hand to get head around Pipedrive development, at the moment I’m trying to get an action to work, it keeps giving me the error “something went wrong” could anyone give me a simple JSON schema and API endpoint that will work and load the action? I’m confident once I have a working one I can work it out from there.

Hey @angelus
Welcome to the community :wave:
Just to clarify: are you referring to the Link Actions or the JSON panels ? :slight_smile:

If its the JSON panels, you can find the template and mock response here - Adding a JSON panel

Let me know if you are still facing issues

Thanks for the fast reply, its for the app extentions → actions, with the json model option selected, that demo json file wont work for that (should have required property ‘properties’
should NOT have additional properties
/type should be equal to one of the allowed values)

Sorry and thank you

this one

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