Sandbox User create Events


im currently working on an app and would like to sync new users. Webhooks seams about right for that.

In my sandbox account, I’ve set up a webhook for “added.user” and used to have a look at the event json. Sadly after creating a user i did not receive any events.
Upon reading a bit in the forums i tried the “.” webhook, to see if any event was triggered, but still no.

With the “.” webhook i did receive events for deal and person creation.
I wonder if this is just a sandbox account problem.

kind regards

Hi Max,

Yes, I’m afraid this is specifically only an issue with Sandbox accounts (because of how Users are managed there).

You can read more about it here:

Hey @David,

In the linked thread, the dev still got some events, right?Just not the ones he was expecting.
I’m currently not get any events for user creation or editing.

If you say its just a sandbox problem, I can expect, that it works fine in a normal account, with only the “added.user” webhook.
Regarding the json content, I guess the “current” field would look like a normal api users/get/{:id} request, right?

With the added.user webhook you won’t receive anything in a sandbox account, you need to use Updated Event.

For non-sandbox accounts, this hasn’t been an issue.


I just tried the “updated.user” event, aswell as the *.* and I’m not getting anything when i create a user :confused:

Yes, sorry. It doesn’t seem like any webhooks are sent in the sandbox for creation/removal of Users.

This is because Sandbox accounts use User Management (which isn’t available in regular accounts).

okay, thanks for the clarification.

Is that something thats gonna change at some point? If not, it might be beneficial to mention it in the docs, similar to this info:

“Events in Pipedrive are triggered both from the Pipedrive UI and from the API calls.”