Save app data to be retrieved later


I’m developing a Pipedrive app. And I was wondering if it is possible to save custom data and retrieve it later. For example, I want to save some custom ids onto a deal, connecting the ids to the specific deal. Is this something that can be done via the API? Saving the data into Pipedrive’s systems and not my own.

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Hi @Vidar

You could use Custom Fields for saving custom data in a Deal!/DealFields/post_dealFields

but this data will be available to your app users, meaning they could also view/edit/delete it.

Hi @mykhailo

I’ve tested this a little bit. But it seems that you can’t create this custom field or update it unless you have admin access. Otherwise it is kinda what I’m after.


Correct @Vidar, you do need to be an Admin in order to create Fields.