Scheduler with prefilled fields

Hi there,

For a customer of ours were using the API for creating a deal. Now the wish of the customer is to let THERE customer (the website visitor) to plan an appointment with the scheduler.

So the visitor have to fill in a form for information, then submits this form and will be redirected to the scheduler to make an appointment.
When the date and time are picked from the scheduler, the name, email and phone has to be filled before they can make the appointment.
This is double, because we already asked this information in the first form.

Process in the website:

  1. Customer filled the informationform and submitted it.
  2. API: Organisation, Person and Deal are created in PipeDrive (through API).
  3. Customer gets redirected to the scheduler.

The question is:
Is it possible to add query-params to the scheduler to prefill the name, e-mail and phonenumber?

For example:

This way the customer doesn’t have to fill fields twice and the matching of the scheduler to the deal is much more reliable.