Scope and URL mismatch - API "DELETE /deals/{id}/products/{product_attachment_id}"

hello guys,

I’m getting error “error”:“Scope and URL mismatch”,“errorCode”:403 on request DELETE using OAuth, but it works if I use token instead of OAuth, I checked all scopes, they are correct (full access everywhere + administer, did re-auth several times.
Read deal works correct even for OAuth.

any ideas?

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Hi Sergey,

It seems that particular endpoint wasn’t added to our Scopes definition. I will create a bug report for this and try and have it fixed as soon as we can.

Great, thank you. Will you write here when done?

@Sergey_Vdovenko Yes, I will. :+1:

Hey @David I also see this error for a PUT call to this same endpoint with what should be valid OAuth. Will that one be added too?


Will add to the task.

Hey @David – any updates on this?

Paycove is going live with a feature that will allow customers to select a line item “bundle” and reconcile their choice on Pipedrive. However, we switched our auth to Oauth2 based off your team’s recommendation, so we won’t be able to launch this feature to all our users until it’s supported by Oauth2 requests.

Hey Rich,

It’s in the task list, but I don’t have an exact ETA for you. I’ll update you here when it’s completed.

Ok, thank you for the update.

Hi @David I hope this finds you well. :smile:

I wanted to kindly follow up on this and see if there is any update.

Thank you.

Hi @David I was hoping to follow up on this. We’re still receiving a 403 error when making a request to delete line-items off a deal when using an OAuth2 handshake. Example: DELETE

We have full product and deal rights for our OAuth app as well: Markup 2021-03-08 at 16.39.17.png • Droplr .

When using a token for authentication, there’s no error.

Thank you!