Scope and URL mismatch error - API CallLog

Hi ,
We want to create Call Logs using access token received using Oauth app.
But API is giving scope and url mismatch error.
I did some research in scope docs so i found out phone-integration scope is needed for this but i can’t see this scope in my OAuth App.
Can you please enable it in our account?


Hi! The phone-integration scope name in Developer Hub is “Call logs” (please see the relevant documentation page). I see how the naming can be confusing.
The scope should be available to every developer though, so could you please check and let us know.

Call logs scope is enable in my app but i am still getting error while creating call log.
“success”: false,
“error”: “Scope and URL mismatch”,
“errorCode”: 403,
“error_info”: “Please check

@siim Please let me know why i am facing this issue. Call logs scope is there in the app but still getting error.