Search for organization by specific custom field value or match custom field values to the field with `/get`

I have a custom field value that I want to use to search for an organization. However, the itemSearch api only allows searching by customFields in general. It does not seem possible that we can search for a specific custom field value. If that is the case, is there a way to match the customFields list to its specific field from the /get request. The /get request returns customFields only in an array of values so I don’t know which values belong to what field. Is there an inherent order to the list?

I know there is a filter query but I tried creating and then using /get filters to view it but keep getting a 401 error with my api key (testing with Postman)

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Hi @platform-devs
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Have you tried using the Perform a search using a specific field from an item type endpoint?

You can set the field type as organizationField and include the organization id by setting return_item_ids to true