Search persons by custom field


I created a custom field in my pipedrive account with a custom id (i.e. “myid”). How can I get a person by this field using your API?!/Persons/get_persons_search

Can you give my an example?

Thank you

Hi @sowinski

As far as I know, it’s not possible to search by specific custom field id at the moment, but you can search by all values if searchable custom field matches these types: text, large text, numerical, monetary, autocomplete, phone, and address (more about search here

For example, if you have a custom field, Home address

And one of your contacts has value, for example, Tallinn, Estonia

You should be able to find it by making this request

Thank you. Would be a handy feature in the feature to implement this.

I solved it by downloading everything from pipedrive to the client and do the search on the client side.

I hope you will not block our account because we will need to run this script frequently. Is there any limit?

Yes, there is a rate limit based on your plan ( + there is a limit on requests (