Searching by Phone Number - Formatting

Does the search endpoint account for different formats when it comes to phone numbers? Or does Pipedrive store all phone numbers in a certain format that we can adhere to prior to the search?

For example, these numbers are the same:

Intl Format: +1 905 123 4567
US format: (905) 123 4567

But I assume Pipedrive would find neither if we simply search ‘9051234567’?

In short, what is the best way to search Pipedrive by phone number?

It works in Firmao, so you can check it

Please don’t shill other products here, it’s the fastest possible way for someone to never want to use it.

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Hey @colinlongworth

This is a good question. In the context of a person, you can query by just the number without any special characters involved.

For example, this would be my query param to find numbers that match with international code

You can also search by knowing parts of a number

Did you face any challenges though?

Thanks hem. The potential issue with this solution is that it assumes the phone field is a no whitespace, formatted entry. For example, what happens if the user enters their phone numbers in different formats, do they get stored in a single format, or are they stored in the same format that the user enters them?

This comes back to the core question as to how Pipedrive handles phone numbers. Does it always store them in a particular format? Or is the phone field ‘free form’?

Hey @colinlongworth
Thanks for the feedback. Currently, the data is treated as-is. Would be apt to say that it is more of a free-form field.