Searching persons by custom field of date type

Hi folks,

I have a use case where I want to send some notifications to customers automatically at preset times.
I am playing around with ideas and I have set up a custom field of type date and populated it with a value. However, when I use the persons/search the result comes back empty.

Here’s what my request looks like:

I appreciate any support if someone can help me understand what I am doing wrong.


Hi @lpetrea

There is no possibility to specify a custom key to check against in people search at the moment. To cover your case, you can make GET which means, get all people where any custom field value is 2020-09-17

Hi @mykhailo

Thanks for your answer. I have tried what you proposed and unfortunately I am not getting any records back.
I am sure I have the right user set up with a date type field in the database and the value I am looking for. I can see that in the API response if I get the single user and also in the admin I can see that there is such field of type date and it’s populated for that user.

Any other thoughts? What is the actual format of the date that has to be submitted in the API? Currently I am doing the standard YYYY-MM-DD but maybe you guys use something else?


Hi @lpetrea

Did not notice the first time that a custom field you have has type: date. In my example, I created type:text and it worked. type:date is not searchable to my knowledge at the moment.

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I see @mykhailo
Thanks for clarifying!