SearchResults vs ItemSearch on client-nodejs

Hi all,

I’m updating the pipedrive client on my nodejs project beacause of the upcoming deprecation of the endpoints but I’m a little confused:

If I look on API documentation SearchResults is a deprecated endpoint and it is recommended to move to the new one ItemSearch. But in the latest release of client-nodejs (10.4.3) I couldn’t see this new controller.

Do I need to wait to a new version of client-nodejs? Please I don’t want to rewrite my queries twice.

Thanks all.

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Hey Manuel,

It’s currently in progress and should be added fairly soon. Sorry for the delay.

Hey @manetrejo, the Node.js library is now updated with Version “10.5.0” to cover the new search endpoints.

Thanks @David and @Elina!
I have found some others strange behaviors, I will add some new bugs in github.