See field values

When working on an integration with Zapier, I notice that my custom field type Single Option sends the id of the data input and not the text value. For example text input Woman has id 118, and Pipedrive sends the 118 to Zapier not Woman. Where can I see this mapping of text input to id?

Hi @Anders

You can get this info by calling these endpoints (based on where your custom field is)

Hi @mykhailo
Thank you.

Can you elaborate a bit more. How do I call the endpoint? Postman?

Hi @Anders

Postman is a great tool to test things, so if the idea is to test and see the result then you could use Postman.

For example, I have a custom field for Person. To see what the ID means, I made

GET /v1/personFields request with API token, something like this.

In a response, there is this field where options include id and label (the field you’re looking for if I get it right).

Thank you that worked fine

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