Sending Contact Data from a 3rd Party System to Pipedrive

Hi Community,

be aware that I am not a developer myself, I am using an API generator (built by a developer).

Here I am, having to build an API that connects our homemade crm with a pipedrive crm which is owned by a partner (not us) and I think I reach the limit of what our API generator is capable of.

What is the best method to approach this?
Can I directly send leads/contact data via json code to our partners pipedrive crm?
Do we need to be verified beforehand? Do we need an api key? (Probably the api key from our partner - right?)

Background information: We are generating leads and sell them. Now we have a partner who uses pipedrive crm who is expecting us to send them leads / contact data. We don’t use any apps or similar to send our leads to other partners, we code the apis manually via json.

Many thanks for your help

Thanks for sharing the details :slight_smile: Do you think that the following wiki would be helpful?

Feel free to create a new topic if the issue still persists.