Simultaneous webhook for New Person and Update Person


Hello, we are using Zapier, and we capture a webhook when a Person is created, as well as when one is updated. However, when a new Person is created, we receive both the “created” and “updated” webhook simultaneously - which is causing a problem in our logic. First question, why is an “updated” webhook being sent when a contact is created? Should I simply use the “updated” webhook for both events and include more actions and filters in Zapier to differentiate? I’m hoping to avoid that scenario as every small change triggers hundreds of actions - it’s a problem. Second question: is there a straightforward way in Zapier to filter out an “updated” event that actually happens simultaneously with a “created” event? I know I can create an action to compare the time-stamps, but again, this creates thousands of actions a day that really ought to be unnecessary. I’m hoping for a solution that allows a straight filter without requiring any actions. Thank you


This is a known issue. We will fix this soon, but I can’t give you a precise date yet. As you suggested, I would check the timestamps, or use only the updated event.
Let me know if I can help.

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I would like this feature as well to be enabled soon. We are stuck on an integration with pipedrive due to this issue.

I was thinking maybe send a parameter via the POST, PUT, DELETE request to avoid firing the webhooks?

A granular management to be something like:
triggerCreatedWebHook: false,

or just a global one:
triggerWebhook: false