Smart BCC not working

Hi There,

Smart BCC mails are not working correctly. We are not new users. We have tried and tested things and I am not even sure if this is the best place to ask.

We have added an address as an alternative email address. It was working with BCC’ing back into the system. It then stopped working. The email address was associated with another account and it is no longer associated with that account. We are unable to add it as an alternative email address and it is becoming very frustrating not being able to collate all information pertaining to a customer.

Is there a solution to this? Can someone help us?

Hi @nic787,

So is the email address already being used by someone now? Is that why you’re unable to add it as an alternative?
You may want to reach out to our support for this as they’ll probably be able to help you out with the issue a bit quicker (this forum is more for issues directly related to developers), but let me know if you’re still struggling.

Hi David,

Thank you. Support is on this at the same time. I am reaching out to 2 places to look into this because I am at a loss.

Support is clearing Pipedrive history on the email address. It is no longer in use, but may still be reflecting against another account. Thanks again.