Sorting out Subpremises

I’m trying to sort out subpremises.

Different countries have different standards, whcih makes it tricky, and then PD seem to have a mind of it’s own.

For example, when it’s Unit 2, 123 High Street, it stores the subpremise as “Unit 2”
However, if it’s 123 High Street, Suite 2, it just stores “2”.

There are obviously some sort of rules on how this works. Some countries put the sub premise in front of the street address with a “/”.

But I’ve found that the USA, as they have want to do on other stuff like dates, do it differently, so will put the Suite 2 on the second line.

So how do I find out what rules are being applied so I can correctly represent the addresses in my application. I’m told by one of my clients, that 2/123 Hight Street will confuse the US postal and courier services, and they couldn’t work out that this was Suite 2 at 123 High Street… I didn’t think they would be that stupid, but he insists they are.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll have it moved to #developer-feedback for broader attention