Subscriptions API seems very bad for.... subscription handling

Being a company who works extensively with B2B subscription setups we are honestly a little shocked at this being made available to use. I will now list the issues regarding this new function.

  1. No Pause function
  2. No CLV data
  3. You cant choose a product
  4. Changing price at SET date does not work
  5. Its of the LOG
  6. Cant be automated
  7. Only 1 per deal
  8. API data shows wrong data
  9. Fields not customizable
  10. Changing a subscription on a deal does not fire a webhook

Explanation short:
Not being able to pause a subscription is just really bad for clients who use this business model

The Client Lifetime value is one of the most important factors in subscriptions

When you cannot choose a product you sell as the subscription item all financial integrations is dead. This seems like a massive oversight and looks like the developers of this function does not have the required business knowhow

When changing a price form 2000 to 4000 and setting the change effective from 15 FEB. The change appears instantly anyway both visual and in the API. Really really bad for reports nad REALLY bad for automaton

Changing anything in subscriptions is not logged so… well…

Because of all these issues (more to come) this function is for all serius businesses dead. It cant be automated it can’t be integrated.

The only 1 SUB per deal seems like a bad limitation. Many B2B have several subscription products and their clients can have many at once

The API shows fake data with ghost dates for expiration and final status and CLV and more…

SUB fields cant be added like ORG, DEAL, PERSON, can further limiting the use for this function

Another automation stopper


We LOVE Pipedrive and are happy to be partners with them. But this subscription function is not worthy of their product in any shape or form as it stands now

HI Adrian,

I must say that your feedback is quite spot-on and we recognize the issues that you have mentioned. We actually have future plans to remove this endpoint completely and change to a more common-sense approach soon.

I don’t have further details at the moment, but we should be publicly announcing it fairly soon.

Thanks for the answer

Please let me know when that happens. We have a client who unfurtanlty has payed quite a lot for this to work and we look really stupid now