Sudden breaking change in PUT deals/{id}/products/{product_attachment_id}?

Hi there,

Since last thursday evening we are no longer able to process the PUT deals/{id}/products/{product_attachment_id} endpoint, and it seems to be due to some change on how “duration” is handled.

Tried it as string or as number and both does not work, hitting different error messages such as:

“400: body/duration must be number (Weitere Informationen über Pipedrive API finden Sie unter”

“400: body must be object (Weitere Informationen über Pipedrive API finden Sie unter”

Up until the 27.03.2023 12:10 Berlin timezone (the last succesful run) there were never any issues, and on the changelog I cant find anything related to it, just some general product changes that all seem to be unrelated.

This is quite urgend as our system depends on it.

What to do?

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Hello, @Yannik_Sommer :wave:

I have asked you for additional information about this via private message, so we can investigate this further.


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