Support in marketing for new app

We are a customer of pipedrive for last 2 years and just created a useful app for our affiliates.
We would like to make it available for pipedrive users and charge something for it,
however the question is how pipedrive can support us to advertise it between pipedrive users?

Sharing group on facebook? or sending information to pipedrive users?
Anything would be helpful. We just look at it is it worth to prepare it for marketplace.

Hi @marekczyzewski,

We will need to see the app in action first, but the standard marketing we offer is a blog post highlighting new apps (here’s December’s) and this blogpost is sent out in our Monthly newsletter to users. You’re also welcome to post and talk about it in the Pipedrive Facebook user group as well as any other outlets.

We do offer further marketing possibilities, but this requires you (or the app) to be able to prove itself a bit first - get positive reviews and a few installs from the marketplace.