Swagger codegen missing nested objects

Hello, recently I posted about some issues with swagger codegen for the Pipedrive API: Erros when generating Pipedrive API Java client with Swagger, I manged to fix some of the erros so I could generate the client, but now some of the models contain missing fields. I’m using Java and the class for the /deals endpoint to get all deals did not generate the fields which were of “struct” type - creator_user_id, user_id, person_id and org_id. This error is only for this class as far as I can see, other endpoints don’t have a similar issue. Could this be some missing configuration option when generating the client, or is it an error from the API json?

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Hey @TashoGeorgiev
Thanks for sharing the details. Can you share the errors/screenshots of it so that I can get a better understanding? I see that you only get this error for the deals endpoint whereas it works fine for the other endpoints. Can you kindly confirm if that’s the case?

Hi, thanks for the response!
The errors which i get for the types are that swagger tries to convert a generated enum type to be BigDecimal, here is the screenshot: Untitled — ImgBB
The issue for the deals endpoint is that swagger doesn’t generate the nested structures from the response. Other endpoints have their nested structures generated, this issue is only for deals as far as I’ve seen.

Thanks, @TashoGeorgiev, I have noted this as feedback for the concerned team.