Sync Lost Reasons from ERPs

Here at Layers, we are modeling Lost Reasons like a tree. Each Lost reason has it’s code and description. We are using Pipedrive to organize the sales flow.

We integrated many things using the API, but one that got limited by the API is the ability to create, remove and update a lost reason. It seems that although it is listed under dealFields with options just like any other field, it is a static field. Only being able to update it from the UI witch seems to use an old HTML/JS based communication (it’s nor JSON).

The endpoints used are:

  • List /lost_reasons/lost_reasons_list
  • Update /lost_reasons/add_lost_reason/:id
  • Add /lost_reasons/add_lost_reason

Listing CAN be done trough the dealFields api, however, when you try to update it, you get a HARD 500 on your screen:

    "success": false,
    "error": "Something went wrong with the request, please check your request and try again!",
    "error_info": "Acesse para mais informações sobre a API do Pipedrive.",
    "data": null,
    "additional_data": null

Because of this, we can’t use the internal Wiki with all the objections to lost reasons as truth source for lost_reasons.

List, can be accessed trough /api/lost_reasons/lost_reasons_list, but Update and add cannot (with API token).

What I ask is one of:

  • Allow access to /api/lost_reasons/add_lost_reason/:id (without any docs, only to allow this kind of solution to be made temporarily)
  • Fix the route to update deal Fields for lost_reason with a specific condition when it is lost_reason, to perform the update on the lost_reason fields. Desired behavior is to work just like a custom field being updated.
  • Create a new route to update/create/list lost reasons

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll have it moved to #feedback for broader attention.