Synchronise Sandbox to Live system


We are developing an integration between our corporate CRM and PipeDrive.

We have a Sandbox account, which is great, but it is very different from the live account, which has had a lot of configuration done to it (eg custom fields), and also has a lot of its own data.

We really need to be developing against a more realistic installation than the default Sandbox. The Export/Import helps a little, but we would still need to recreate the custom fields by hand, which would be time consuming and error prone.

Would the PipeDrive tekkies consider cloning a live installation to the Sandbox?

This is a service we would be willing to pay for.

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So you’re just looking to replicate the same custom fields into the sandbox account?

Yes, plus any other configuration and data

We are not sure, but suspect that, even if we recreate and map the custom fields, using Export / Import features will not provide a fully realistic copy of the data

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(and I think the UIDs for the fields will be different too?)

We have the same problem. Anyone knows how can achieve this?

Hi @vvenegasv,

I’m sorry, but we don’t offer this as an option. Maybe in the future we can.

Just wanted to check if anyone created this over the past 2 years?

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I would like to know, if this is now possible?
It is kind of limiting, as the hashes of instance custom fields matter in other integrations.

This is a real downside. Does anyone have an idea on how to really set up a testable system that interacts with pipedrive?

Same here… Would be extremely handy!

Thanks all for sharing the importance :slight_smile: This is one of the big feedback items we have. I would recommend subscribing to Pipedrive API Changelog to stay updated. I am keeping the thread open to hearing about the use-cases too, please feel free to add the scenarios (more details are always better)