Target class controller does not exist" when using Laravel 8

I’m encountering an issue with my Laravel 8 project. I’ve created a controller named RegisterController in the App\Http\Controllers\Api namespace. Here’s my controller code:

<?php namespace App\Http\Controllers\Api; use App\Http\Controllers\Controller; use Illuminate\Http\Request; class RegisterController extends Controller { public function register(Request $request) { dd('aa'); } } The class exists and is in the correct location. However, when I define a route for this controller in my `api.php` routes file like this: Route::get('register', 'Api\RegisterController@register'); And then I try to access the `register` route using Postman, it gives me the following error: "The target class [Api\RegisterController] does not exist." I'm puzzled by this issue. Can anyone provide guidance on how to fix it?

If you’re facing the “The target class [Api\RegisterController] does not exist” error in Laravel 8 when trying to access your RegisterController via a route, try these steps:

  1. Clear the route cache:
php artisan route:clear
  1. Reload autoloaders:
composer dump-autoload

Ensure your controller file is named correctly and placed in the correct directory, following Laravel’s naming conventions. This should resolve the issue and allow you to access your controller via the route.

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