Testing installation process with multiplce companies (in sandbox)


as far as i know, a PD-user can be associated to multiple companies.
when installing an app, the installation is done in the context the user is currently “using”.

so when i am currently working on the dataset of company A and i install an app, this app will not be available when i switch to company B - i would have to install the app one more time.

i could not find a way to test this (when changing company, i am leaving the sandbox-account and working on my live-account).

how can i test this flow properly?

greetings, thomas

Hi @maystorm

What you stated is correct. You can only install on 1 company at a time. When you’re in the Marketplace, the top right will state which account it shows you’re logged into. To install on another company, you’'ll usually need to make sure the last company you logged into is the one you wish to install in.

We understand that this isn’t a very convenient system at the moment. In the roadmap we do plan to have this more user-friendly, but no ETA.

Hi @David,

just to be sure to get your right:
you are describing the scenario when a user is linked to two or more companies, you mean that there is a pulldown in the top-right-corner of the oauth-grant/install-screen, right?

ok i know that, and while it may be not the topnotch-UX - it works.

my question on the contrary, was focused on “how to test this”?
to me, it looks like there is 0% chance - no way - to test this when developing an app for the marketplace?
which is far from perfect as we are coding against a “blackbox”.
will you guys test these scenarios when approving an app?

best, Thomas

Hello @maystorm since they David is not around I will follow up here. Yes he meant this from the user perspective.

This is something that we don’t usually test when reviewing apps that are sent for review. Because this flow is something on our end. The user installing the app should be aware of the company that is being used for said installation. If a mistake happens then you will receive data for the wrong company on your app, the next possible step will be that the user uninstall from this company, change to the correct company and reinstall.

Please do elaborate on your take on this and perhaps I can take this to our product team so we can discuss internally.

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