The values of deals in the default currency


Is there any way to get the value of each deal in the default currency using /v1/deals endpoint?

Hey @DevRepapplic

You should see a Currency label for each Deal returned in the body of the request.

Hey @David

Yes, i see a Currency label for each deal. This is the currency of the deal. Different deals may have different currencies. I want to aggregate value of some deals in one currency specified in the user profile (let’s call it the default currency).

In the UI, i can see the total values of deals in this default currency. This means that you are converting deal value from the deal currency to the default currency.

But in the API response from /v1/deals, i don’t see a label like ‘Value in the default currency’.

Is there a way to get this value, or should I develop my own function that converts an amount from one currency to another using available exchange rates?

Thanks for explaining @DevRepapplic.

In this case, you’ll want to use this endpoint: GET/pipelines/{id}

As you can only get this information via the Pipeline.

Thanks for the quick response @David

GET/pipelines/{id} doesn’t return total converted to default currency.

there are only separated totals in EUR and in USD.

But this is not what I need anyway. I need to get the amounts in the default currency for each deal. So, in the future, in my service, deals in different currencies can be aggregated into different groups. For example, display in US dollars all deals opened by John Doe in different currencies.

Did you add the totals_convert_currency string to the request and look under the response at

Either way, if you’re looking for it for each deal, it’s better to just get it from the same source that we do:

Hi @David.

We’re looking also to get the ‘Value in the default currency’ in Deal level. Problem using currency conversions from external service is that they are time related. It matters when you do the conversion. When the deal was opened, when the deal value was last time changed etc. This especially becomes problematic if we’re fetching historic deals from previous year etc.

We would love if Pipedrive offers this functionality and becomes single place of truth for this value. (You can specify when the conversion is done, you have to do it once and offer to all API users).

I think you could use this metric also in Pipedrive Insights, so it’s worth at least looking into this.

Hi @Ville,

Thank you for your feedback regarding this. You make a lot of valid points regarding the historic knowledge of a Deal’s worth at times of closing, etc.

I will pass your feedback on to our Product team and if there’s any update. I’ll post it here.

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